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[!--spBname--] WA32 Luxury Baby StrollerMain Picture 1 WA32 Luxury Baby StrollerMain Picture 2 WA32 Luxury Baby StrollerMain Picture 3 WA32 Luxury Baby StrollerMain Picture 4

WA32 Luxury Baby Stroller

Bearing wheel built-in shock absorber spring

Color:  Black

Black  Gray    
Luxury travel experience

The design is unique and has humanized multi-functional elements, which perfectly interpret the originality of aesthetics and practical functions. The high-view seat design gives the baby an excellent sense of comfort, widens the baby's vision, and avoids car exhaust. The WA32 stroller also has excellent shock absorption functions to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable travel experience for babies.

It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

 Warranty: 1 year limited.
The characteristics
1. Suitable for 0-3 year old baby, the seat can be reversed forward and backward;
2. Adjustable canopy, backrest, foot rest and push handle;
3. Wheel with bearing and built-in shock absorber spring;
4. Wheels and front handgrip can be quickly removed and installed;
5. Front wheel can be directional and universal movement, and the rear wheel has link break design.
Luxurious high landscape seat design
The horizontal height between the seat and the ground is 65cm, and the height between the head and the ground is about 85cm when the baby is sitting.It is convenient to communicate with the baby, and it can effectively avoid automobile exhaust and road dust when traveling, so that the baby's travel is more healthy, comfortable and wider vision.
Excellent shock absorption performance
The front wheel is EVA solid wheel, the rear wheel is inflatable wheel, and the wheel has bearings and built-in shock absorber spring, which can be used on a variety of roads and effectively protect the baby.
Safe travel
The front wheel can be directional and universal, while the rear wheel has link break design, which makes the braking system stable and convenient.Whether it is going downhill or emergency braking, it can brake quickly and accurately to improve travel safety.
Main material
Frame: aluminum alloy tube
Fabric: 300D cationic fabric
Wheel: front wheel is EVA solid wheel, rear wheel is inflatable wheel
Frame material Aluminum alloy tube Applicable age 0~3year
Fabric 300D cationic fabric Net weight 12.15Kg
Wheel Front wheel: EVA solid wheel, Rear wheel: inflatable wheel Gross weight 14.4Kg
Folding size 92cm×59cm×39 cm Unfolding size 100cmx59cmx106cm
Carton size 54.5cmx34cmx77.5cm Wheel size 8" / 12"




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