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B008 Baby Swing

High-tech Baby Rocker, Bluetooth Enabled

Color:  Gray

Gray  Pink    
High-tech intelligent experience to Keep the baby cool and comfortable

This is a smart electric baby swing that simulates the bionic design of mom's arm.It has an ergonomic design,that protects the baby's spine and brings a sense of safety and comfort to the baby.There are 3 levels of intelligent swing angles of 16 °, 25 °, 30 ° and 3 levels of timing selection functions.It is easy to enable the intelligent function to calm baby, free mother's hands, very human intelligent.

It is suitable for indoor use.

Warranty: 1 year limited.

  • 1. Four speed swing design, swing angle is 0 °, 16 °, 25 °, 30 ° in turn;
  • 2. There are three timing options of 8-15-30 minutes, all functions stop working when the timing time is up;
  • 3. There is a built-in baby soothing music, and you can also play the music in a USB flash drive through the USB interface;
  • 4. Intelligent control panel + wireless remote control, dual adjustment operation modes;
  • 5. Five-point safety belt, protective sleeve.

27°spinal function protection
Ergonomic design, every inch fits the curve of the baby's back, and gently fits and cares for the baby's spine like a mother's arms.At the same time, it can reasonably lengthen and deepen the seat area.Support scientifically and comfortably, and take care of baby to sleep well.

Solid and durable
The base of baby swing and seat frame are made of thick aviation aluminum alloy, which is light, stable and durable. It can bear 16KG and is suitable for 0-24 months baby.

Bluetooth transmission
Through the Bluetooth fast transfer function, you can play soothing music, early education stories, enlightenment stories and other audio in your phone to your baby, giving full play to the music resources you have prepared for your baby.

Main material of base and frame: aluminum alloy
Main material of Seat cushion: crystal velvet, Oxford cloth, high density fiber

Remote controller, power adapter, product manual, pillow, mosquito net, plush toy pendant.
Frame material Aluminum alloy,ABS Applicable age 0~2year
Fabric Crystal velvet, Oxford cloth, high-density fiber Net weight 3.5KG
Color Pink,Gray Gross weight 4.7Kg
Input power 100-240V / 50 / 60HZ 0.3A Load-bearing 16Kg
Package size 63.5cmx15cmx68.5cm Expanded size 72cmx52cmx59cm
Output current ≤1000 mA Output voltage 5-6V
Accessories remote control, power adapter, product manual, pillow, mosquito net. Standards EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3



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