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[!--spBname--] GS034 Anti-explosive high borosilicate glass feeding bottle (pink / blue)Main Picture 1 GS034 Anti-explosive high borosilicate glass feeding bottle (pink / blue)Main Picture 2 GS034 Anti-explosive high borosilicate glass feeding bottle (pink / blue)Main Picture 3 GS034 Anti-explosive high borosilicate glass feeding bottle (pink / blue)Main Picture 4

GS034 Anti-explosive high borosilicate glass feeding bottle (pink / blue)

All silicone protective cover for thermal insulation and fall resistance

Color:  Pink

Pink  Blue    
Safe and non-toxic, Anti-exposive,excellent heat resistance

High borosilicate glass material, does not contain bisphenol A, heat resistant 600℃ not easy to crack, and will not decompose to produce toxins, low temperature resistance up to -60 degrees Celsius, in the winter of cold region will not be worry about the feeding bottle will be frozen crack, can withstand the impact of cold and heat.The bottle is equipped with a thickened full silicone protective cover, which can not only play a good role in heat insulation, but also more fall prevention.

It is suitable for preparing powered milk and feeding newborn babies.

1. High borosilicate glass bottle body, safe, non-toxic and odorless, high temperature resistance 600℃, low temperature -60 ℃, no toxin;
2. All-inclusive silicone protective sleeve and PP non-slip handle, heat insulation, non-slip, anti-fall;
3. 48mm wide neck bottle , convenient for preparing powerd mik , bottle cleaning and disinfection;
4. Pacifier has good toughness, bite resistance, anti-oxidation, high temperature resistance, no bisphenol A, safe, non-toxic and odorless;
5. 360° gravity ball straw, baby can easily drink milk regardless of any position.

Anti-flatulence air conduction system
The physical anti-flatulence design specially developed for babies, with one-way air inlets, reduces air entry and it is automatically sucked
into the bottom of the bottle, which effectively reduces bloating caused by inhaling too much air when the baby drinks milk, and locks milk nutrition.

Functional advantages
It is closed to the bionic design of breast milk pacifier, likes breastfeeding with the mother, the baby is easier to accept it;The nipple is protected
by dust cover to prevent the nipple from being contaminated by dust and bacteria; PP part, silica part, silica gravity balls

Product model GS033/GS034 Specification  Wide caliber
Bottle body Material High borosilicate glass Net weight 250g
Nipple material Silicone Size 13.8×6.5cm / 17.4×11.5cm
Capacity 150ML/260ML Applicable age 0~1year
Color Pink,Blue Packing Normal boxed



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